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Get the most current and most popular demographic data for all Colorado cities, counties or zip codes in minutes. Skip spending 10+ hours on Census.gov hunting for the most current data available.

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1 Name Best Population Estimate Median Household Income Race & Ethnicity
White Black Native Asian
2 Example County 663,862 $51,800 334,981 59,987 3,775 21,774
3 Example City 113,574 $69,550 89,581 723 405 2,217
4 Example Zip 3,035 $84,429 2,458 13 0 130
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City Sample County Sample Zip Sample

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2020 Census Redistricting Data Now Available

The Census Bureau has released limited 2020 demographics for cities and counties. And we've used the 2020 Census block data to create estimates for zips/ZCTAs. The only variables available at this time are population, race/ethnicity, housing units, occupied/vacant units and group quarters population. For the other variables where there are no 2020 data (e.g. income), you'll get the 2019 Census American Community Survey data. Learn more or see the samples above.

Cities & Counties

Census data released!

Zip Codes

Estimates using 2020 block data.

Demographics for a Complete Picture of Colorado

Every Cities, Counties and Zip Code Report contains the following demographics:

Check out a Sample:

City Sample County Sample Zip Sample

  • Population
  • Population density
  • Age by categories
  • Median age
  • Sex
  • Race/ethnicity
  • Median income
  • Households by income range
  • Education
  • Households
  • Housing units
  • Median home value
  • Poverty
  • Unemployment
  • Area

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